How do I submit a request for assistance or to report a technology problem?

When can I expect a response to my issue?

What if I am not satisfied with the service I have received?
Getting Help From Tech Connection and OIT

The fastest way to get assistance from Tech Connection is to submit a ticket at https://helpdesk.stevenson.eduThese issues are automatically prioritized and routed to on-call technical staff.

Call Tech Connection 443-334-3000 (x 3000 on campus) during our office hours and a support technician will attempt to help resolve your issue, or take your information and enter the ticket for you.

You can also submit a ticket by emailing

Reporting the Issue

It is critical to achieving a quick resolution that you include sufficient details in your issue/ticket submission.  OIT needs to know: What, When, Location, Who, Date, Time of Day, personal or university owned, on-campus or off-campus, specific error messages that appear, and how we can contact you. Please be sure to provide your phone and email address.

It is important that the person experiencing the problem report the problem.  If multiple people experience a problem, each of them should report it and open a separate ticket. 

When will you get a response?
  • Issues affecting the entire campus; critical services for health and safety; or a widespread outage of Blackboard, email, phone or WebXpress will be assigned to a technician immediately.  OIT management is also immediately notified.  Technicians will continue to work on the issue until it is resolved.
  • Issues affecting classroom technology are treated with high priority and moved to the front of the technician’s queue. Access to the classroom is necessary for resolution.
  • Issues affecting less critical services or small groups are assigned to a technician immediately and will be investigated as soon as possible.
  • Issues affecting individuals or non-critical services will be queued and assigned for response during normal work hours after high priority and critical issues.

Follow-up, actions taken, and technician assigned are archived in the ticket and available for your review at any time.

99% of all issues receive attention within 2 business hours. 

Dissatisfied with our service? Contact Ray Cardillo, Director, Technical Services at 443-352-5002